CAME gate automation

We take pride in our in-house staff who are fully trained to handle gate automation installations. We specialize in fitting high-quality and reliable CAME systems, which offer various automation options. For detailed discussions about gate automation, please give us a call.

With our streamlined process, you won’t have to rely on subcontractors. We handle everything from manufacturing to installation and automation, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

As leading automation manufacturers, CAME prioritizes safety and reliability. Their products are equipped with built-in sensors that detect obstacles and prompt the gates to move back in the opposite direction. Additionally, we offer our customers an annual full gate service to ensure proper maintenance, along with an emergency call-out facility for any urgent needs. Rest assured, we are dedicated to providing top-notch service for your gate automation requirements.

Above ground automation 

For standard opening gates, our preferred choice is the above ground Ram automation systems by CAME. These models are specifically designed to effortlessly handle the weight of our gates. While there are numerous systems available in the market, we trust in the reliability and exceptional performance of CAME systems.

One key feature of these systems is their built-in sensitivity. In the event that the gates encounter an obstacle, they immediately stop and move away in the opposite direction. This advanced design, combined with the inclusion of photocells, ensures both safety and reliable operation. At the forefront of our criteria is the guarantee of secure and dependable functionality.

Rear view of hardwood Bow Tops with automation Tarmec and Croft Fencing and Gates

The image provided showcases the outdoor plug socket on the left, which is the only additional fitting required for our automation system. The grey box houses the control panel, ensuring convenient access and control.

To ensure optimal gate performance and prevent potential issues, we always fit the arms halfway up the gates. This strategic placement ensures even distribution of pressure and promotes longevity.

Our knowledgeable team can offer guidance on selecting the most appropriate-sized arms for your specific gates. Additionally, we provide the option to manufacture and install matching side gates for our driveway gates. In many cases, having an alternative pedestrian access, as depicted in the image below, is advisable and adds convenience.

We strive to provide comprehensive solutions to meet your specific requirements and ensure seamless integration between your driveway and pedestrian access points.

Hardwood Bow Top Automated Gates Essex Tarmec and Croft Fencing and Gates Ltd

Sliding automation 

In certain situations where above ground Ram systems may not be suitable, we offer sliding operated gates as an alternative solution. For these cases, we install a robust CAME motor that is fully capable of smoothly moving the weight of our driveway gates.

The installation process for sliding gates involves fitting a self-cleaning rail into the ground, which serves as the track along which the gate slides. It is crucial to ensure that the surface on which the gate travels is flat and even. In some instances, additional groundwork may be necessary to achieve the desired level surface, as depicted in the image below.

We prioritize the proper installation and functionality of sliding gates to ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

roundworks for gate automation Tarmec and Croft
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To facilitate the sliding mechanism, the frame that allows the gate to slide is partially constructed in our workshops and later installed and welded on site. Rest assured, our CAME systems for sliding gates are equipped with the same built-in safety feature as the above ground systems. This ensures that if the gate encounters an obstacle, it will promptly reverse direction to prevent any incidents.

For underground automation, we make a slight adjustment to the position of the bottom bar. If you are specifically ordering gates for this type of automation, kindly inform us so that we can accommodate the necessary modification.

For a closer look at our previous gate automations and installations, we invite you to explore our automation gallery. It showcases various images that exemplify the quality and craftsmanship we bring to every project.

Entry System recommendations 

While an entry system is not mandatory when automating your gates, it can greatly enhance convenience and accessibility.

We provide two options for entry systems. The first is a standard keypad option, allowing you to set up a four-digit pin for granting access to regular guests, such as handymen or cleaners, without providing them with an automatic entry fob.

This keypad system offers an additional layer of security and flexibility, ensuring that authorized individuals can enter your property conveniently and securely.

Another popular option we offer is the GSM entry system. With this system, when a visitor presses the button at the gates, it triggers a call to a pre-programmed list of mobile numbers. You can conveniently open the gates directly from your mobile phone, granting access to your property.

In addition to mobile phone operation, this system is also equipped with a keypad for alternative access, as mentioned before.

Furthermore, the GSM entry system allows the gates to be called by a pre-programmed mobile number as you approach them. For instance, if you have a car voice recognition system, it can be set up to automatically call the gates as you are approaching down the road. This innovative feature eliminates the need for multiple keyfobs, providing a seamless and convenient access solution.

Automation Keypad Tarmec and Croft Fencing and Gates Essex

The GSM entry system operates similarly to a pay-as-you-go mobile phone. It comes with a top-up card that includes an initial £10 credit, which can be easily topped up as needed. In many cases, the system does not require a contract, as numerous calls are free of charge, as explained by your installer.

We understand that this may seem complex initially. However, we assure you that all the features mentioned above can be discussed in greater detail during a site visit prior to installation. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone or visit our premises, and our team will be more than happy to provide a comprehensive explanation of the system and address any questions or concerns you may have. We strive to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the options available and can make an informed decision regarding your gate automation.

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