Can a timber side gate improve security to the the back of my property?

If the gate is designed and fitted properly, yes it can

The strength in a timber side gate comes from a combination of the size of the hardwood or softwood timber profiles used and the design of the gate construction.

Many side gates are simply ledged and braced and this bracing is held together with screws and then the cladding is nailed onto the gate frame.


        Above: Just Ledged and Braced gate          Above a fully framed. ledged and braced gate

Purchasing a side gate with mortise and tenon joints which are hardwood doweled and glued will mean it is much harder to pull the gate apart offering greater security.

With the cladding rebated into the frame it will reduce shrinkage gaps in the cladding which will make it harder to pull off.

Maintaining your gate well with a suitable product like the Barretine wood preserver that we use on our timber gates will repel water

and offer UV resistance to the timber, increasing the lifespan and the strength of your side gate.

If you want to be able to see who is outside before opening your side gate consider a design with a slatted top as long as this is set at the correct height for you, you will be able to look out.

Above: Colne Valley made to measure side gate

The hinges and gate fittings you use to fit your side gate need to be substantial aswell.  Flimsy fittings can be easily smashed open.

Use heavy duty hinges and ensure your gate is locked either with a sliding padbolt across the back of the gate or a proper keyed or coded gate lock

which is designed to allow the timber gate to move a little with the seasons and will not get stuck locked closed or open.

Above: Essex Bow Topped gates with Heavy Duty hinges and keyed lock or padbolt

Use a proper lock designed for a gate with a stainless steel shoot bolt

Use heavy duty hinges the correct size for the gate

Don’t leave unsecured gaps around gates a good gate fitter should be able to fill these properly.

Consider security strips or ironwork for additional deterence.  These are simple to add to gates and fences

and cause pain only when under pressure for example someone trying to pull their weight up on them.

For a secure side gate made to measure throughout Essex and South Suffolk, give us a call with some photos and measurements of your existing gap

or current gates and we can chat through your ideas and give you a price indication before organising a site visit.

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