Put simply yes you can.

The best system to fit to enable you to do this is a GSM intercom. This is hardwired into your gate automation control panel and has a sim card inside it which connects through satellites, the same way your mobile phone does.  This provides a very reliable connection rather than relying on Wi-Fi which can drop in and out, or not work at all depending on the strength of the signal and distance of the gates from the router.

Once the sim number is saved into your mobile contacts, as you drive up on approach to your driveway gates you will be able to call your gates so that they are open when you arrive at them.  With Siri or a hands-free car phone system, you can do this whilst driving.

The CAME GSM systems which we fit onto our driveway gates, allow several numbers to be programmed into them, so that you can allow multiple people, for example, family members to ring and open the gates on approach or from inside

Our intercoms also have a call button on the unit, which is fitted outside your automated gates.   When a visitor arrives at your gates, they press the button and this will then ring a pre-programmed list of numbers in order. Usually, the homeowner’s mobiles for example.  The handset owner can then pick up the call, talk to the visitor at the gates, wherever they are in the world (as long as they have a phone signal themselves) and if required open the gates by pushing one key on their mobile device.  This can be particularly useful for deliveries from couriers who can then leave the packages securely inside your driveway gates.

Calls are not charged when you are dialling to open the gates, only when a visitor presses the button and the GSM unit calls out to a mobile so the running costs for domestic properties are typically very low.  Usually, a top-up sim if used would require a top-up of £30 3-4 times a year as a rough guide.

Lastly, an access code panel allows you to give a four-digit pin to anyone you would like to be able to access your property without the phone entry option, or if you pop out for a walk and forget your mobile!

All programmed number lists can also be easily amended, giving complete flexibility along with the reliability of a high-quality system that should be a top criterion when selecting and installing an automated access solution to your home.